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Chinese and Korean !

Located at the heart of Santa Clara California, Chinese and Korean cuisines are provided at Tong Soon Garden (Korean:동순원).

A lot of people say that waiters serve tasty fried chicken wings, sweet & sour pork and hot & sour soup here. At Tong Soon Garden, try good pancakes, orange cookies and biscuits. Great tea will make your meal better and you'll certainly come back.

At this place, you can order a takeaway. This spot is recommended for the terrific staff. The cool service is something these restaurateurs care about.

A number of visitors have noticed that prices are unbelievable for what you receive.

The fancy decor and charming ambiance let clients feel relaxed here.


Customer Reviews

What they say
  • My new favorite family restaurant (and apparently longtime favorite of many others).
    Was introduced by a coworker who recommended two of their most popular dishes: jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) and San Tung style chicken wings.
    Interior is simple but comfortable.Not a hole in the wall but no frills either.
    Complimentary Chinese style cabbage kim chi, pickled daikon and tea or water served upon arrival. The servers are all super sweet aunties, speaking both mandarin and korean to different patrons. I've gone a few times to date and order the black bean noodles each time. It's not even a favorite dish of mine, just a favorite here. Chewy, warm, robust, umami, comfort food.

    Haven't found a bad dish yet. Ma po tofu, hot and sour soup, dry, sauced wings, lemon chicken, dry sautéed green beans. All hit the spot. At lunch many order the soups which I will have to try at some point... but in all likelihood I'll probably always get the jajangmyeon anytime I'm in the vicinity.
    Prices are super reasonable and they package very neatly to go as well. Perfect for a Friday night in or next time you're wondering where to head for a casual dinner, check it out.

    Lastly parking is tight in the back but there is street parking on El Camino or in the adjacent strip plaza.

    Lily G. - TONG SOON GARDEN Customer

  • My new favorite spot in town for Jjajangmyeon (Korean Black Bean Noodles).
    The staff here are really kind and service is quick.
    They give kimchi and danmuji by request.
    They serve the black bean sauce on the side with your order, which I appreciate.
    You can choose how saucy you make your noodles and can save some of the sauce as leftovers.
    The sauce has chunks of meat, shrimp, and squid.
    Sooo flavorful! The noodles are perfectly chewy too.

    Alisa B. - TONG SOON GARDEN Customer

  • Both my parents and I are really picky about our jjajangmyeon, but we all love this place!
    I am so glad I was able to find decent around here.
    I am mostly vegetarian and asked them if they could make me a version with just vegetables, and they were more than willing to do so.

    The sauce is not overly greasy or sweet like other places and is chock full of chopped onion.

    Service was fast and the portion size was substantial, especially considering the cheap price.
    Nonetheless, this will be my go-to for my cravings!

    Ashley L. - TONG SOON GARDEN Customer

Our Location

  • 3240 El Camino Real
  • Santa Clara, CA 95051
  • Phone 408-615-9988